Walnut Gove is blessed to have several ministries to offer. Everyone is welcome to participate in any of our ministries. The ministries listed below are our most popular. Just ask one of our Pastors for a thorough description of all the ministries Walnut Grove has to offer you and your family.

Sunday School - Adults


We offer an adult Sunday School class every Sunday morning starting around 9am. It's a great time to get together and examine Scripture and how it impacts our lives. Stop in and experience great fun, fellowship and Folgers.

Youth Group


We are very fortunate to have several people in our congregation who have been called to minister to our youth. As a result,our youth group is one of the most unique around. The group meets on Wednesday nights at 6pm. While these guys and gals spend time studying the Word, they can also be caught serving in various ministries throughout the neighborhood.

The group balances that time with fellowship activities that allow them to hang out and be kids. This group is open to all kids in grades 6 -12. 

Small Groups


Walnut Grove has some awesome small group ministries and one of them is right for you. Tuesday nights are busy around here as we offer Bible Study for the ladies and an old school prayer meeting/Bible study that is open to everyone. Talk to one of the Pastors, they will help you figure out which group is the best fit for you.



One of the challenges churches face today is finding programs that fit the needs of the people it serves while utilizing the talents and skills of those serving. This is especially true in smaller churches who sometimes feel that they don't have enough people to effectively run and manage any type of outreach ministry.


From that thought, our Pastors were inspired to develop the concept of "mini"-stries (trademark pending) at Walnut Grove. "Mini"-stries are outreach programs managed by an individual or small group that match their skills with a need we find in the community.


Interested? You know you are. Take a minute and talk to one of our Pastors and let us guide you into one of our "mini"-stries, or help you create one that's a perfect fit for the gifts the Lord has given to you.

Quilting "mini"-stries


The quilters at Walnut Grove provide lap quilts for those who are seriously ill and in need of prayer. Each square of the quilt is fitted with two small pieces of yarn, and as mambers of the congregation tie the yarn into a knot they say a prayer for the recipient. 

Prayer Cross "mini"-stries


Inspired by the quilters (after realizing how difficult it is to quilt) is our prayer cross "mini"-stries. If you know of someone who is struggling spiritually, making difficult decisions, or needs encouragement, ask for a prayer cross. Each cross is made by request and a prayer for its owner is lifted to God while it is being constructed. 

"Mini"-stries opportunities


Our Pastors have a lot of ideas regarding the "mini"stries potential at Walnut Grove. If you are interested in starting one of our "min"-stries talk to one of our Pastors. This is a great opportunity for a families. Parents, you will be able to model discipleship behaviors for your kids, and show them how incorporate service to God and others into their lives.